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    Researchers say humans possess muscle activation "signatures" that are as unique to each individual as fingerprints or iris structure.

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    APTA's new membership campaign that builds on connections—and offers rewards to members who make them.

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    Still staying in touch with the profession on her 100th birthday.

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    Unrestricted direct access makes a difference.

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    That latest piece of technology you're thinking about weaving into your practice? Maybe it should come with a warning label.

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    CMS is trying to move ahead with a site-neutral payment policy that's being challenged in court.

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    CMS wants to make payments for devices a little more predictable in light of the ever-increasing—and ever-advancing—range of options available to providers and patients.

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    "We've brought the association's voice to bear on the PTA modifier issue, and CMS listened. Over the next 12 months, we will leverage every possible opportunity – working with Congress and CMS --to change this flawed policy."